About Us

Mallya’s Images is an initiative of serial Entrepreneur & Computer

Engineer Mr.Pandurang Mallya to convert his passion for photography into a business that will serve customers instead of accumulating a large portfolio of personal projects which will be of no use to anyone. It was with this vision to ensure that photos clicked goes to print or use in marketing collateral or printed on packaging or on outdoor publicity materials, this company was formed .

The core thrust of this business is to be in the business of photography rather than be in the photography business.

There is difference, in that this endeavor seeks to add value to the customers imaging needs by bringing unique insights to the photography side of the creative design works of many a agency, both outsourced as well as in-house creative shops.

This is the reason for the UNIQUENESS OF FOCUS on little practiced genres , rather than weddings and events, and is one of the reasons for our gear being way different from that of other photographers who use general purpose gear used in weddings and events, which are the primary focus of the large part of the photography business in India and abroad.

We also have international focus to take our photography business to the under-served markets like Middle-East and the Far-East Countries

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